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    ‘To enthuse children for technology and innovation and thus create a sustainable society’; those are the goals of the Inventors Foundation. Since 2005 the organisation creates adventures in which children participate.

    Because children empathize with the main characters they actively seek solutions for obstacles generated by the story using technology in an innovative way.

    Finally the children are challenged to come up with their own inventions and present them on a digital network.

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  • ASML Inventors 2017 - 2018

    Welcome to the webpage of the Inventors Project, a project supported by ASML FOundation. Our goal is to enthuse children all over the world for a future in science and technology.


    We offer schools all over the world a technology adventure. They can benefit from a proven concept.


    Apply for material packages (building materials) and other languages HERE

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  • The inventors story, enjoy it here!

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  • Watch the video of the 2013 project

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Lifelong learning

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.


Email: info@uitvinders-wedstrijd.nl

Tel: +31 40 787 3506

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